Journey from West to East of India – A Trip to Kaziranga

Remember those school days when we were reluctantly made to study about the National Parks & Animal Sanctuaries in India? Most of us mugged-up those details grudgingly, few of us actually could remember most of it and lesser few would actually ever be interested enough to read more about it over the Internet. Yet the majority of us would end up with those similar disturbingly low grades. Well, I was no exception. However, almost 14 years later here I am, at Kaziranga in Assam with my adventure seeking soul and I am stunned.


On our way

In February 2017, my family decided to visit Kaziranga National Park in Assam, a place famous for its one-horned White Rhinoceros that in reality are endangered species.

I took a flight from Mumbai to Guwahati and after about driving in from there for 4 hours we reached Kaziranga where we got ourselves an amazing place to stay at, United 21-Grassland Resort. It’s a one of the finest wild life resorts in the region with some great rooms and a restaurant amid the serene green landscape. It’s an absolute marvel (Highly recommend this place). Interestingly, all the rooms in the resort are named after the grass variants that are found in Kaziranga. The hotel crew is very courteous and humble. In fact, they even helped us out book a Safari for the next day trip to the National Park. It’s indeed a lovely place.

The Safari

At the Park, you actually get an option to select from 2 different types of Safaris – The Elephant or the Jeep. We choose the Elephant one, which is usually during early morning (5- 7 AM). Jeep Safari is usually during the mid-day and has a fixed route. Ours on the other hand (Elephant Safari with a 4 seater with a safety rod system) went deeper & closer to animals in the forest.


Into the Wild

Our Elephant Safari started around 6 A.M. Into the freezing, cold and foggy surroundings, the early sun rays made for one beautiful sight. And just as we entered the area, we spotted a beautiful & majestic one-horned White Rhinoceros, peacefully feeding on the wild grass.


As we moved ahead we range of wild animals, grazing and moving free a sight that makes you rethink about the world as you know from the concrete jungle. We spotted some wild Deers wandering around, some Monkeys swinging on the branches and Buffalos grazing in the wild. A couple of minutes later, as we were almost finishing our trip, we stumbled upon a sweet surprise. A Mother & a baby Rhinoceros were wandering carefree around. The baby was still developing its horn and was just too adorable to miss out.


Our trip ended at around 7 A.M. We were happy and left with a calmness inside us. On an Elephant safari, witnessing the nature’s marvels & creations at the closest distance possible, it’s not a sight us metropolitan citizens normally witness.


It’s been a unique trip amongst my many planned for the duration and it definitely left its mark. It made us see nature like we never did and the urgent need to preserve it. All those years, irreverently throwing tantrums at our school system for making us reluctantly study big paragraphs about such places, I now feel that even those drudgingly long paragraphs cannot do justice to what we witnessed.

I would strongly recommend for all the adventure seekers out there to visit Kaziranga at least once in your life. If you plan to go visit this place, plan it between November to April to make the best of it.


Picture Credits: Preetham Kamidi

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