Human Behaviour & The Cyber Effect

How do people react online? Why do they behave the way they do on the Cyber Space? Are you truly anonymous online? How do most of us become courageous online?  – If these questions make you curious, then this book is a must-read for you.

Dr. Mary Aiken, a pioneering forensic Cyberpsychologist, director of the Cyberpsychology Research Network and an advisor to Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, deep dives into this rapidly evolving world of technology and how it affects the humans. How the human behavior changes online.


The Internet brings with it incredible benefits. To name a few – It helps people connect, opens up a sea of knowledge & information to browse through, it has made shopping convenient and has made goods & services affordable. In today’s time, the Internet is no longer a luxury of a chosen few but a necessity for everyone. The cyber world now is no longer just a medium of connectivity & communication but a reality that is hard to resist.

However, just as every coin has two sides to it. The Internet though heavily rewarding and beneficial can be equally dangerous and a dark space. More so, due to its evolving nature and unpredictability.

We say the advent of Internet is one of the revolutionary milestones in human history. We keep bragging about the places we visit through Instagram, ensure our friends & family know how we feel through our Facebook & WhatsApp statuses. We participate in MMORGPs like World of Warcraft and proudly share our achievements with our comrades. It’s just euphoric, isn’t it? But we never think about how this is affecting us. Rather, this euphoria clouds our mind and clutters our vision to gauge how the Internet is affecting us and those around us.

With some surprising statistics & incredible case studies, Dr. Mary Aiken in her book – The Cyber Effect, tries to break through this clutter & provokes questions about where this digital revolution is leading the mankind. It makes us rethink what we know about technology by offering a chilling yet fascination look into the future we can still do something about.

A fascinating and thought-provoking book by the world’s leading forensic Cyberpsychologist (Psychology, Criminology & Technology) about how the human behavior changes and adapts online. With incredible and at times scary case studies, the book is a must for anybody who’s even remotely interested as to how Technology & Digitization can affect humans.

A recommended read for every citizen of the ‘Digital Space’.

3 responses to “Human Behaviour & The Cyber Effect

  1. It was indeed an interesting read, although it fell a little flat for me. Wrote a little bit on this on my latest post.
    Still, a very enjoyable review! Thank you for sharing.


    • Thanks for sharing your views on this piece. I read your review on it too and now I’m tempted to read ‘Irresistible’. Surely next in line for me.

      If Psychology and it’s applications interest you, may I also suggest ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman. Brilliantly researched and well written. A must read. Would surely publish a piece on it soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, would highly recommend ‘Irresistible’. Thank you for your recommendation too. Going to follow your blog as I’m looking forward to your next piece.


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