The Millennials



Millennials, a word heard commonly by us all and more so, ever since the boom of Digital world. They are no aliens who infiltrated our homeland. Nor are they time-travelers who jump right out of Tardis. They are the so-called Generation Y (born between 1980s – early 1990s). The most enthusiastic and vibrant eligible workforce currently on the planet.

Known throughout the world by different names – Gen Me, Gen We, Gen Next, Echo Boomers – they form India’s largest living workforce and they’re growing. It has been forecasted that by 2020, while the entire planet faces the dilemma of an aging population, India will become the youngest country in the world, with an average age of its population being 29 years. However, the perception about this generation sometimes results in a downward spiral, be it in workplace, leadership or when it’s about being responsible. Of the many, some of the tags given to them are that they are – Lazy, Selfish & Self-centered, immature and careless. But is this all? Are such thoughts right? If we follow this rhetoric, would it be right to say India’s largest living & booming workforce is nothing but a bunch of lazy, immature cohorts?

Subramanian Kalapathi beautifully pens down a different perspective about the Millennials, answering (or rather by showcasing) how skewed the perceptions really are. His book – The Millennials, brilliantly portrays the immense potential this generation brings to the world. Through various real life incidents & case studies, it showcases the lessons that can be learned from passionate millennials.

The book attempts throw a light on what these cohorts really are. What drives them, what makes them unique? Not only this, but it also goes a step further to provide an overview of how they think and what the organizations can do to get the most out of their talents.

Full of amazing insights and a very constructive book with a wealth of case studies that gives you a practical glance into their world. It is a must for anyone who wants to understand the role millennials play in day-to-day life. How India is being shaped by this massive army of Generation Y. And more so, how it’s just not a generation, but a massive shift in mindset that cannot be ignored. So for all the curious minds out there, we suggest this book is a must-read.


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