Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2017: A Day’s Snapshot

Kala-Ghoda_Featured-ImageMumbai’s iconic art festival, Kala Ghoda kicked off from 4th February 2017 for 8 days full of mystifying artwork, buzzing crowd, and lots of opportunity for mandatory selfies with your friends. This year’s key highlight was the 25-foot high statue of a black horse, unveiled just recently by Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, returning back the art district its landmark.

We decided to take a day out to attend the famous festival and have attempted to capture that experience in a small snapshot, a gist.

The Spirit of Kala Ghoda

The statue has been rightly named the ‘Spirit of Kala Ghoda’.

As predicted it was extremely crowded, no matter the time of the day, people were walking in to enjoy the event. With all the different events planned, stalls selling handicrafts, some installations around and crowd zipping through, it was a sight equal of a mini carnival in itself.

To call out a few installations and events that caught our eye, there was this model of a room without gravity, an open-air autorickshaw, stalls selling handicrafts, jewelry and of course the much appreciated and crowded food stalls. Well, every art requires some fuel, right? Also not to forget, those not so mesmerizing, monotonous sight of hands up in the air for selfies blocking every other person’s sight to witness the grandness from afar.

We spent the most of our Saturday afternoon at the KGAF-2017 and really enjoyed the heritage bus tour and the Egyptian belly dancing event in the evening. Though we had a pleasant time the fest, we had mixed feelings about it. Having following the KGAF for years, and considering how long it has been run for, we were really hoping to see more varied artwork & installations at the display.

The popularity of KGAF stems from its past success coupled with a great venue that’s the art hub of this city, which is rightly one of the reasons and the driving factor behind the huge attendance it receives. Pretty sure the next year would be much bigger and grander. Till then, we take a bow.


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