The Ban Around You & Me

Just in the recent past, there was an uproar over meat ban in Mumbai, however, I must tell you this isn’t the first such incidence. There have been many such bans around the world too and I must admit are humorous. Let me take you around 5 such bans that would leave you amused.

The Chewing Gum Ban In Singapore.

Yes, you read it right, chewing gum is banned in Singapore. It was introduced in 1992 by the then government to keep the city ‘Clean’, an aspect Singapore’s famous for. You would be fined if you’re caught with one. They have just recently allowed the sale of chewing gums (medical chewing gums) but strictly on a prescription basis and you won’t be fined then so long you don’t litter which then would lead to another fine.

And speaking of fine, there’s this saying there, ‘Singapore is a Fine City’ a tongue-in-cheek reference to the number of fines that can be imposed for various social misconduct committed there


Source: Wikipedia Common

Women In Saudi Arabia Can’t Drive.

Well, this is an argument happening almost in every city, in every group of friends whether women are good or bad drivers. There’s been no substantial evidence yet that favor either of the sides. However, Saudi Arabia has taken this small argument to the next level! The women here are actually not allowed to drive. In December 2014 two Saudi women were detained almost for a month for just driving.

Even though there are no laws restricting women from driving, they are just not given the license by the authorities there and supporting the stand of the authorities are the Saudi Clerics.

Blue Jeans V/s The North Korea

I am sure that every person in his/her wardrobe has jeans and majority of them are blue. To tell you the truth I have 6 jeans out of which 4 are blue. Well going by that, I am a criminal in North Korea. #OMG

Blue Jeans are banned in North Korea because they feel it symbolizes ‘American Imperialism’. So if you are planning a trip to N.Korea I would suggest you stuff your backpack with black jeans, orange pants, green pants, yellow pants, pink…#YouGetWhatIMean

No More Play Time For Winnie The Pooh

My little sister used to watch Winnie the Pooh when she was small and for some time she had taken an acute liking for honey. We had to literally keep the bottle of honey away from her, somewhere she wouldn’t see it, thanks to that now she knows all such hiding places. Now that she has grown up a bit, if we ask her what does she remember about him she innocently replies HONEY!

But our friends in Poland seem very, and I mean ‘VERY’ observant. It seems that the council of the small town known as Tuszyn which is in Poland, keenly observed Winnie the Pooh more than children would ever and have termed him ‘Hermaphrodite’ they say he has a ‘dubious sexuality’ and does not wear ‘appropriate’ dress. This has deemed the poor Winnie banned in the town play area. No honey for him in Poland.

The Deadly Ban (Brazil)

I don’t know whether this title should sound scary as if it’s some sort of Voodoo ban but what it will be is funny. The municipal council, under the mayor Roberto Pereira, in Britiba Mirim a town 70 km to the east of Sao Paulo had proposed a ban on DYING! Yes, you read it absolutely right a ban on dying. Imagine a ban like this, all the medical scientist who are researching ways to expand human life can then just incarcerate themselves in darkness as their job was done by something as mere as a ban! #TaxesSaved

Well, obviously this never held ground. It was a marketing gimmick by the mayor to get the council to amend the federal regulation that barred new or expanding cemeteries in preservation areas, as they needed space for building cemeteries as the ones existing were full. Must say this mayor can make the point in a “deadly” way.

And now to end my little piece here’s a fun fact about the Mumbai meat Ban. It’s not a new Ban! The first resolution to ban meat in Mumbai during Paryushan for 2 days was passed by BMC in 1964 and then again for more two days on account of state resolution in 2004[1]. [1]Source: Indian Express

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  1. Yes not to forget the hottest ban of India Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- the recent twist of India which made the news world wide.


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